We try to fly beyond our limits

The service pupil premium is mainly spent on 3 areas of the work –

Arrival – the work in this area consists of ensuring we gather as much information, both academically and personally, as possible about the child before they arrive in school so we can ensure the child settles as quickly as possible. We then support the child in the classroom for the first week. This work is supported by a teaching assistant in each classroom.

Deployment – once we know that parents are deployed then we beginning a block of work with the children; this will include looking at where they are going and give the child 1-to-1 sessions of emotional support. We use a variety of methods to keep in contact with deployed parents including eblueys. The older children prefer this method and the young children like to write letters and make cards, etc. This work is support by teaching assistant staff that are known to the children and who the children feel comfortable with.

Posting – once we know that parents are being posted, we start a block of work on where the children are moving too. The children make a booklet which includes research on the area that they are moving to, what the school might be like, what is in the local area, etc. The last few pages of the booklet are for the children who are left behind. The child who is leaving will collect email address from friend who are starting at Pollyplatt and then all the children in the class will write a goodbye message on the final page. This work is supported by teaching assistant staff.

Deployment Service Pupil Premium Individual Moving Book Starter Policy